Finding My Olympic Soul

AquaticoMy name is Ollie and here is my story. I work as an cfd trader during the day. In my spare time, I work out at the gym and volunteer in my community. However, I have a big ambition. I wanted to become an Olympic swimmer and be the next Michael Phelps. But all of those hopes were dashed when I became involved in an accident a few years ago. Doctors told me that I would never swim again. Initially, I wanted to give up on life and feel sorry for myself. Nothing seemed to reach like it did when I first dove into that cool water in the pool. Then I realized that that wasn’t working out for me. I couldn’t just waste the rest of my life sitting around moping and wondering what could have been. Maybe there was still hope for me. Something inside of me wouldn’t let me give up so easily. Maybe I couldn’t become the next Michael Phelps, but there was still a chance that I could make it to the tryouts. So, I decided to hunkered down and started using my training to better myself.

Today, I am still working to meet my goal of becoming an Olympic swimmer. However, my life isn’t always about swimming or staying at the top of my game. When I’m not working at my trading job, exercising at the gym, or volunteering, I’m playing at online casinos like the mr green casino or casino oranje to manage my stress. Playing with the cards at the online blackjack table just soothes me when I had a bad day at work. Why am I telling you my story? My goal is to inspire Olympic athletes just like you and I. Just because you suffer from an injury, things don’t go as planned, or personal change happens doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your dreams altogether. When things change and your goals are pushed further away from you, you can either sit around and pity yourself or you can stand up and keep trying until you have reached your goals. You might have to make adjustments to your plans, but you can still reach your goals. I want to share with you a few useful tips that will help you through any rough patch you may encounter while following your dreams. I will guide you through how to manage stress, the diet of an Olympic athlete, and working out at the gym like a champion.