Why nutrition is so important

Along with stress management all Olympic athletes need to focus on nutrition. Everyone needs to maintain a healthy diet. This goes double for athletes. They have to consume about 2,000 to 2,500 calories on average. That number can be higher depending on what sport  you are competing in. Think of your food  like fuel and you are the machine. You need that fuel to perform at your best. Let’s look at the different types of “fuel” needed to maximize your body’s performance. What is the most important thing to eat if you are working for competing in the Olympics? The correct answer is fruits and vegetables. This is the best type of “fuel” for your body. The brighter the color, the healthy it is for you. Now, you can prepare these fruits and vegetables to your liking for consumption, just dig into them. Dairy and protein are good for your bones and muscles. Do not gorge yourself with too much grains. If you are doing sports such of lifting weights and running, you will need to increase your protein intake. For one more tip on nutrition, drink plenty of water. You can even have water with your fruits and vegetables.