Dealing with Stress (Part 1)

We all have stress in our lives. Sometimes it is good like preparing for a wedding or bad like being involved in an accident. The bad type came do serious damage to your health. Luckily, there are ways to counter it. There are four of the best ways to manage stress: play, volunteering, gardening, and yoga. First, there is playing to manage your stress. Some like playing video games to pass the time and calm themselves down from a hectic day. I personally enjoy playing online casino games over at the gambling portal free spins no deposit no wager and Casumo like the fun slot machine blood suckers or the ramses book slot when I had a bad day. If video games aren’t your thing, you can play games in the real world too. Just go out and play basketball, field hockey, or whatever sport that you enjoy. You might even pick up a hobby with trying out a new sport. Another option for playing games to kill the stress is games that can stimulate your brain. You can call up a handful of your friends and play cards or a board game. You might even bring back some nostalgia with classic games like Sorry, Monopoly, and the like. You can even get creative and make up your own games just to help you relax.

Another way to manage stress is volunteering. Going out and help those in need can be a rewarding experience. You can help teach English to adults or teach them how to use a computer for an example. It’s very easy to volunteer in your community. You can go online and run a Google search of organizations near you. Looking through the newspaper is another way to look for those in need. You can even go down to your local library or church and ask if they need any help. Volunteering will not only make you feel good about yourself, but you will feel so much more relaxed. You aren’t thinking about yourself when you are helping those in need. Doing volunteer work can increase physical activity in a person who aren’t normally active. Plus, volunteering can take your mind off of a bad day your were having at home or work. You energy and focus goes to helping out someone less fortunate than you are. Along with giving back to community, easing your stress, and bettering your health, you can also meet new people. It is possible that the people you meet can help to inspire you with your own dreams.

A third way to manage your stress is gardening. This alone has many practical benefits. Being outside with nature will help to calm you down. Everyone should get out of their house once in awhile. Gardening may be one way to do so. You can not only grow your own food and herbs, you might be able to learn a little bit about nature around you. Believe it or not, the great outdoors can be beneficial to your health. You don’t even have to have a big garden. If you don’t have the space, go down to your local home improvement store and buy pots. You can set up a garden right on your porch, deck, balcony, or wherever you see fit to place your garden. Plus, plants provide oxygen. Talking to them will not only help your get your problems out, but you will also help the plant to grow by giving them carbon dioxide. One more benefit to taking up gardening as a stress reliever, you will get the satisfaction of making something creative and beautiful. By the end of summer, you will feel proud of yourself for making something beautiful with your own two hands.

One more way to manage your stress is taking up yoga. This type of exercise is very popular with the trendy crowd. However, you can do it too. You don’t have to try and be complex with your exercises. A little research online can help you start off simple. You can find local yoga classes in your area. There are plently of books and DVDs on yoga. So why should you use yoga as a stress reliever? For starters, yoga has three components to it: poses, breathing, and meditation or relaxation. First, let’s look at the poses. Yoga has many poses that are designed to increase strength and flexibility. You can go from lying on the floor to stretching out like a pretzel. The second part to focus on with yoga is the breathing. The trick is controlling your breathing. According to the Mayo Clinic, “yoga teaches that controlling your breathing can help you control your body and quiet your mind”. The final part is key and that is meditation or relaxation. This can be used as a time to disappear into your head and get away from the stress that you had in your day. Just close your eyes and get lost in your thoughts.